Accented Characters

Typing accents is easy using the US international keyboard, which is installed on the MLC computers.

The apostrophe becomes a "dead key" so that it can be used in combinations to produce accented characters. (To type an apostrophe, you must type apostrophe and then press the space bar. To obtain quotation marks, type them (shift apostrophe) and then press the space bar.)

Below is a list of the most common accents and punctuation marks and how to type them. To obtain an accent on a capital letter, type shift plus the letter in question. Please note: when you are typing the following accents, nothing appears on the screen until you type the vowel or consonant to be accented.

For the acute accent, type the apostrophe plus any vowel: . é, É

The circonflexe accent is located above the number 6. Type shift 6 followed by any vowel , e.g. ê, Ê (Note: this is the sign used to mark long vowels in Latin.)

The grave accent is located above the Tab key, to the left of the number 1. Type the accent plus any vowel, e.g. à, À

The tilde sign is located above the grave accent. Type it first followed by the letter, e.g. ñ, Ñ .

The cédille is obtained by typing the apostrophe, followed by the letter "c" e.g. ç, Ç

The umlaut is obtained by typing the quotation marks (shift apostrophe) followed by any vowel (ë, Ë)

To obtain the German consonant "ß" hold down right Alt key and type the letter "s"

To obtain inverted punctuation marks ¿ and ¡ for Spanish, hold down right Alt key and type ? to obtain ¿, and type 1 to obtain ¡ .