RISING SUN - Pinyin, Chinese

  1. To access the program, doubleclick on the CHINESE folder from the MLC program manager. Then doubleclick on KEY and enlarge both screens by clicking on the small square in the upper right hand corner of the two KEY screens.
  2. In the top toolbar, click on LANGUAGE and select either "Simplified" "Tradiitonal" characters for Chinese, and also select "Roman" further down in the list for the language of typing in pinyin.
  3. Type using pinyin letters for phonetic transcription, e.g. zhongguo. As you type, you will notice that your text is automatically highlighted. When you type a punctuation mark (or F11 on the function keys), the program will automatically convert your pinyin letters into Chinese characters.
  4. To indicate tones in pinyin, as you type, enter a number from 1 to 5 after each syllable. When you type a punctuation mark or a space the numbers will appear as tone marks over the appropriate letter.
  5. To convert from characters to pinyin with tones, highlight the Hanzi (character) text, right click on the mouse , and from the LANGUAGE menu, choose "Roman." The Hanzi text will then convert into pinyin text with the tones marked.
  6. To convert pinyin text to Hanzi text, (it will already be highlighted), go to the LANGUAGE menu and click on "Convert", OR simply right click on the mouse to convert.
  7. You may save your document to a diskette USB key or to the "MLC X or F" drive on the York server.
  8. To exit the program, click on the X in the upper right hand boxes of the two KEY screens.